About Us- One DOPE GIRL!

Jewelz by a Gem is a line of motivating, uplifting, inspiring in your face t-shirts, handmade journals and notebooks, Skincare and lip-care for women, specifically women of color. We want women who are driven, ambitious, loving, independent, goal getting entrepreneurs and working class women to wear this brand proudly. Allow this brand to build your confidence, widen your smile and motivate you to BE YOU!

Trevell, the founder and owner of Jewelz By A Gem was born in Philadelphia, PA. She decided to start a brand that was specific to build confidence in women and girls. She has always devoted her time and knowledge to anyone who needed it...and this was no different.

Tee's mission is to build generational wealth, teach and inspire others and look good while doing it.

So, Ladies take these Jewelz from a  Gem and use it to inspire your confidence and to help others!


Love Always,